Open letter to iBurst

5 August 2009

WoW gamer quits ‘because of iBurst’

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Despite iBurst’s explanations on MyBroadBand that connection problems are due to their own ‘upstream provider’ having problems – i.e. it is not a technical problem that iBurst has control over – WoW gamers who use iBurst connections are reaching the ends of their tethers, figuratively and also with regards their tethers to iBurst contracts.

Whether the explanations given by iBurst are legitimate or just further ‘excuses’, the upshot for gamers is that connection problems persist. One gamer has now decided to ‘downgrade’ his iBurst account for ‘E-Mail purposes for my girlfriend’. He is selling his WoW account, painstakingly built up over 4 years, and his disillusion is markedly evident in his curt tone:

I will not be using the internet anymore due to the frustration of connection problems. I am also in the process of selling my 4 year old WoW account and canceled my Subscription and i quit my raiding group last night. And all this because IBurst can’t deliver ! (Mananger, MyBroadBand, 5 August 2009)


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