Open letter to iBurst

20 July 2009

MyBroadband starts censoring my posts about iBurst

Briefly. The iBurst saga takes another twist. Some posts on in which I have defended myself against other members criticising my posts for being too long, for being melodramatic etc. have started disappearing from the MyBroadBand Forums. Some of my defences have been in good humour, some in the spirit of the original criticism levelled against me. In one post I admit to being stupid for misreading a parody.

In his own thread, a newbie to iBurst who was glad to hear that his new iBurst hardware would arrive today, Monday 20 July, was disappointed to hear of more delays at iBurst. I posted him a warning against iBurst, linking to my threads. That has been deleted.

I may be wrong, but I cannot help but feel that this is censorship in favour of iBurst. Apparently some members have been complaining that I am on a crusade and I don’t add value to discussions (defending myself, warning against iBurst). Instead of hitting the ignore function or avoiding threads started by me (some posts were purged from my threads – what are the readers doing there if I don’t add value?) – no, instead of hitting the ignore function, they complain., instead of telling them to use the ignore function, purges my posts, on the basis of a really silly reason.

It is common practice on forums to just ignore shit; it is common practice to ignore threads of a poster you don’t like. But the poor little diddikins came onto my thread, ripped into me. I responded and they ran to the mods.

I don’t believe for once that iBurst doesn’t have a hand in this.

A crusade? Yes, it may be a crusade, but members complaining about a crusade against iBurst can have uncomfortable posts purged that only defend myself against them? This smells like rotting carp. And it is cant.

This is how I believe it goes.

Diddikins (fictive name), who is a private member and probably a buddy of Jannie van Zyl, new CEO of iBurst, thinks he’ll curry favour with the new iBurst regime or perhaps the iBurst regime instructed him, I don’t know – hey, perhaps he’ll get a free hand-me-down gadget from bossman Jannie, perhaps he’ll get invited to a braai when the weather clears or when Jannie makes time for such from the amount of time he spends at So Diddikins shows how much he cares for Jannie and rips into me (Remember, Jannie is a member and can thus see who his homies are). I respond and Diddikins flounders in the joke, perhaps had their sensitivities bruised. He complains: this guy is running a crusade. My posts start disappearing.

I query the purge with Rudolph Muller, Manager (Owner as well, I believe) at He tells me members have complained, I must take it up with members. Of course, he won’t and cannot give me the names because the complaints are private.* He can neatly avoid the issue.**

He insists it’s not censorship under direction, that the mods don’t even know who advertise (!) on That it was a simple matter of a private member – i.e. not representatives of a corporation like iBurst – complaining. Rudolph himself naturally has moderating powers, so, there’s one mod who knows who advertises at

So, iBurst has a friend in Diddikins who has managed to silence some posts by an iBurst critic. But there’s no electro-trail showing that iBurst or Jannie has a hand in it, because Diddikins did the dirty work out of the goodness of his heart. can rest with good conscience that iBurst didn’t ask them to censor me, that they were acting on a complaint, feeble as the complaint might be, from a private member.

It is not a coterie, it is a cabal, and it’s ‘hand of God’ work I have seen operate on other threads myself. I did add value, especially to the newbie who still awaits his iBurst hardware, but that value was not in iBurst’s interest. may as well have told me that the value I add is not in iBurst’s interests. At least it would be honest.

I can’t understand how people can’t see how transparent their own machinations are. In both idiocy and the desperate censorship (because it is always an act of desperation) – no matter whether the issue is politics that touches many people or one consumer’s complaint – they cast themselves in habit and intellect on the desperate side of people like P.W. Botha, Robert Mugabe, Islamic fundamentalists, Khomeini, etcetera. should be ashamed. They acted on such a feeble complaint and therefore it is so transparent as to what is going on. Originally a kind of tech consumer advocacy organisation, is, by way of this machination, clearly in iBurst’s pocket.

Woeful on all fronts.


* This sentence was added 22 July.

** This sentence was amended from: “In other words, he avoids the issue.”



  1. Censorship by definition is an issue for me.
    Deleting posts unless it is due to vulgar explicit language is unacceptable.
    I use myBroadband as a reputable source to research potential ISP’s and communicate with my own.
    For me the best barometer is actual user experience. Advertising I am afraid can be misleading too often.
    In deleting posts that I am assuming has nothing to do with vulgar explicit language is myBroadBand damaging their own credibility in the process?
    I am not inferring by any means that iBurst had anything to do with the deletion of the posts, in fact I find it highly unlikely.
    The responsibility must lie with myBroadband to provide answers.

    Comment by Deon — 20 July 2009 @ 4:50 pm

  2. Deon, thanks.

    Nope, no swear words. Someone complained about my posts on their own thread; they clearly have sensitivity issues. But I can tolerate that, just. Just.

    But the reason – doesn’t add value to discussion – for posts on my own thread, posts in which I defended myself… well, it doesn’t make sense. It smells of desperation.

    I don’t expect MyBB to take responsibility for what it…

    Comment by Rustum — 20 July 2009 @ 5:27 pm

  3. I feel your pain. I will not for the most ever recommend iBurst to anyone unless they have absolutely NO other option. I myself am stuck in that situation, cannot get Hellkom because cables were stolen over a year ago and are not being replaced. So ADSL out of the question. Stuck with the crappy service and dodgy signal from iBurst. Going to bookmark your blog and read it more thoroughly at a later date. Glad to know that their is another aggrieved soul out there.

    Comment by Adrian Kruger — 21 July 2009 @ 10:22 am

  4. Thanks Adrian and thanks for dropping by. I’ve come across a few other aggrieved souls who have gnashed their teeth over the years. There’s some hilarious stuff on Alan Knott Craig, for instance, ( but mostly these posts disappear for lack of audience.

    I’m thinking of gathering it all into a kind of Compendium of Incompetence. I’ll see.

    Comment by Rustum — 21 July 2009 @ 10:41 am

  5. The question to my mind is why the f**k do you still bother with that codswallop of a forum known as It is very patently obvious that Rudolph Muller and co are a bunch of idiots, and I know this from my personal experience of trying to deal with them about issues like this.

    This is very similar to the Vodacom situation that came to a head in 2008, actually it doesn’t surprise me. Rudolph will appoint super-moderators and afford representatives protection as long as the companies they work for, pick up the tab for his empire of a website.

    As long as you bear in mind, that the site is owned and run by a person who has always been of dubious integrity across the entire ICT industry, that should be a clear enough indication to you.

    I’ve stopped going to that site, as it is, its full of idiots and dimwits galore, people who constantly try and make wild claims about things I know a great deal about, and when I disput their bullcrud arguments I get given infractons or I am outright banned.

    I don’t need that crap in my life and I believe in Darwin and the notion that 75% of the populace of this country are bottom of the pile in the IQ department!

    Comment by Miyuki — 31 July 2009 @ 3:06 pm

  6. “Rudolph Muller will appoint super-moderators and afford representatives protection as long as the companies they work for, pick up the tab for his empire of a website.”

    I agree, I have seen that the owners of MyBroadBand will do whatever is necessary to protect their advertisers.
    Deon MyBroadBand is not a consumer site because it is a website making MILLIONS from cellular companies, telkom, iburst, ISPs and online webshops.

    “ should be ashamed. They acted on such a feeble complaint and therefore it is so transparent as to what is going on. Originally a kind of tech consumer advocacy organisation, is, by way of this machination, clearly in iBurst’s pocket.

    Woeful on all fronts.”

    Rustam you are correct, MyBroadBand and Rudolph Muller are full of crap and are only looking after their own interests while lying whenever they have to cover something up. It’s very woeful.

    Comment by frankenstein — 18 August 2009 @ 10:10 pm

  7. […] This is interesting and new. […]

    Pingback by neuromance » Rudolph Muller is a coward and a liar — 4 September 2009 @ 1:20 am

  8. Rudolph is indeed a coward and a liar. He has not returned any of my calls, and stopped responding to my e-mails when faced with the truth. This has been going on since Nov 2008.

    He pretends also to be a powerful individual, with his moderators, particularly Antowan Nothling and company who feed him all sorts of legal advice about how he can “sue” forum members, etc, etc and how he can in turn be litigated for what is said on their forum. I find that funny, because, to my knowledge, Peter Cheales hasn’t been sued yet, and one only needs to look on his site on any given day to see people go postal about companies.

    I sincerely just wish that the ICT community would come to its senses and just realise that, MyBroadband is no longer for any just cause, except its owners and owner’s friends pockets. They have become a part and parcel of everything they claimed to take a stand against, so long ago, in 2003-2004. They are quite frankly, a bunch of tools who get great pride and joy at lording over their “subjects” i.e. the members. And yet, there are a couple of deluded fools who stay loyal, but it is sufficient to say I’ve met a few of them, and it is not hard to see why they stay loyal. My personal thought is that they are either involved in the empire in some way, or they are just so delusional they cannot see the wood for the trees.

    As a network admin, and engineer, I have fully distanced myself from the website and I advise anyone and everyone I know, to rather steer clear of that website. For the time being, seems to be okay-ish for us ICT professionals but it is not really the forum for pure IT pros as it caters mainly for the gamers it seems.

    So, I hope, if anyone out there, who was considering joining, please read this entire blog article at the very least, and think very carefully and more than once about getting sucked in to that community. There is not much on the internet about Rudolph, he certainly has something to hide as most of websites where people have tried to expose the truth, have been culled from the internet.

    Would you want to join a forum where your right of expression is curtailed in such a manner?

    Would you want to join a forum where people can pick on you and bully you all because they have even gone so far to admit they are superior to others, due to post count and because they are one of Rudolph’s supposed friends?

    Would you want to join a forum where, complaining about, or in any way criticising a service provider (valid or not) could see you being banned permanently from the forum?

    Would you want to join a forum where they will delete anything you say, even when you have a valid point, when it infringes upon their political correct moral bullsh*t high code?

    Would you want to join a forum where the moderators will stab you in the back and take the word of a know scam/con artist above yours and ban you instead?

    Think about this, and then decide for yourself!

    Comment by Miyuki — 27 October 2009 @ 8:29 am

  9. hi there I am the owner of Neuromance and the author of this blog

    I agree with mpretty much on everything that has been said thus far about Rudolph Muller. I have no problem that he has a website and enjoys the rewards of such a site, however I have a huge problem when he claims he holds mine and your interests at heart when it comes to the broadband community of south africa.

    With that said I have seen Rudolph Muller censor people, protect the Telecoms sites on his own forum, I have seen him intimidate forum members on his site. With this in mind and these actions I am worried around privacy concerns with reagrd to users information on myBroadband.

    Comment by halicon — 5 November 2009 @ 1:25 pm

  10. Thanks for the comments Halicon and Miyuku. I’ve been neglecting this corner a little bit, but I see some referrals from BBLounge.

    Comment by BSE — 5 November 2009 @ 4:45 pm

  11. Even Jannie Van Zyl isn’t the perfect guy he pretends to be. He used to own a couple of businesses in the audio visual industry. One of them was a shop called DSVision that specialised in home automation.

    Ask any of his former clients who he left in the lurch, as well as other people who were in the home automation industry, and you won’t hear good things.

    He used to think he was the know it all, bad mouthing different suppliers and being all opinionated. His gadget house impressed a lot of people who were ultimately duped. As a result those businesses are all closed now,

    Comment by David — 6 November 2009 @ 2:32 pm

  12. Nice blog post.

    I have to say I like Rudolph (ducks).

    However I am more worried about the bullshit legal advice he gets from Reinhardt Buys than Antowan and other amateurs. I think the root of the rot is the bad professional advice.

    We all know that a fish rots from the head!



    Comment by AnnoyingMouse — 19 January 2010 @ 3:51 pm

  13. No need to duck AnnoyingMouse. I’m sure he can be likeable; moreover, I wouldn’t chuck things at you for saying so, even if you annoyed me. I must say, this particular saga has pushed my annoyance tolerance threshold up.

    I don’t know the relationships and professional advisers behind the scene, so I can’t respond to that.

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Comment by BSE — 20 January 2010 @ 3:41 pm

  14. IBurst is the worst service provider I have ever seen. I need to cancel my contract. Who can advise me on the best way to do it. I have never seen such incompetents. They should close their call center. We need to speak to people that make discussions, not these innocent kids that just say “I will escalate your problem”. DAMN

    Comment by GREG — 16 February 2010 @ 8:35 am

  15. Greg, if you’ve had no joy through their call centre or website, they have two representatives that you can reach at MyBroadband (you’ll need to register as forum member):


    iBurst threads:

    iBurst reps:


    Comment by BSE — 18 February 2010 @ 6:05 am

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